About Us

The Rag Place is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of set lighting technical fabrics and LED lighting accessories for the motion picture, television and theatrical industries. We have U.S. facilities on the WEST and EAST coasts, hundreds of thousand of yards of in-stock fabrics, and the largest rental inventory dedicated to the motion picture industry.

Our Story

Pasquale (Pat) Caputo, founded The Rag Place over twenty-five years ago. With family in the New York textile business and an early career in film production, commercials, features, and television, he combined these two disciplines to identify exciting new solutions for on-set lighting and light-modifying fabrics. It was the perfect combination of intuition and disciplines to launch The Rag Place.

For years, from a small factory office in Chatsworth, The Rag Place developed a reputation as a go-to source for valuable advice and guidance, along with an small inventory of premium products. We’ve grown exponentially with US offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Louisiana, as well as stocked inventory in Europe. Our inventory of light-modifying fabrics and LED lighting accessories is the largest inventory dedicated to the motion picture industry in the world.

Innovation has always been a key ingredient in our success story, and the reason we get excited about the work we do. Some say a business must choose between being an innovator or an imitator, and we couldn’t agree more. A quick glance at our developments and trademarked products provides you with a pretty convincing picture of the path we’ve taken.

If innovation is one ingredient behind our success, customer service is a big part of the recipe that holds it all together. (And a big reason why we like to go to work each day.) We work with some of the most talented and creative minds in the business. We have vision and bring innovative ideas to light.

We offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. We have a tireless team of experienced craftsmen who take care and pride in their work. Our awesome and knowledgeable team hears “jump”, and our response has always been, “how high?”

Our Collaborations

In 2012, The Rag Place partnered with DoPchoice to manufacture and offer SNAPGRID® products in North America. Soon thereafter, Pat and Stefan came up with the SNAPBAG® softbox idea for LED Lights, and another star was born. Now with SNAPBOXES®, SNAPBAG® Lantern and the universal RABBIT-EARS®, there are several systems to choose from to find the best lighting solutions. DoPchoice and The Rag Place continue to collaborate, develop, innovate, and manufacture high quality, innovative accessories for LED lighting.