General instructions for: SNAPGRID and SNAPBAG

  • Rag Place products are professional products for use with professional LED lights only.
  • Before using your Rag Place product, please read these instructions carefully and refer to the instructions of the dedicated light. If you are not sure if the Rag Place product can be used with the dedicated light, please contact our technical support and / or the technical support of the light manufacturer.
  • Do not leave Rag Place products unattended while they are in use.
  • Please make sure that you follow local safety regulations and guidelines while using Rag Place products, such as mechanical safety attachments, etc.
  • Intense heat, moisture, acidic and chemical substances may damage your Rag Place product and may lead to an insecure operation.
  • Do not use your Rag Place product in case of any damage.
  • Please take additional safety measures when you use Rag Place products under windy conditions.
  • Clean your Rag Place product by hand washing with tepid water and mild soap.  Rag Place products should not be machine washed. To dry, completely assemble and allow to air dry.
  • In case of any damage, please contact Rag Place for repair.
  • Store the Rag Place product in its storage bag after use.

Maximum rated temperatures for Rag Place products:

Tambient: 122°F (+50°C) / Tsurface: 185°F (+85°C)