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For “Thor”, the Asgard sets were constructed onstage at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach. Running over the length of the set were 24’ x 8’ soft boxes lined with Ultrabounce® and fronted with Lite Grid provided by The Rag Place. Green screens also provided by The Rag Place.

More about the challenges in prep and on set with the film production team here.

In creating the sensational rainstorm for “Shutter Island”, Chris Centrella, key grip, employed four 40’ x 60’ Charcoal Vintage Grids from The Rag Place, which let some of the light through, was silent in the wind, and created a gloomy sky and a certain ambience.

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The two clippers for “The Gangs of New York” (top photo, left) were built on Cinecittà’s harbor/water tank set. A 30’x40′ Rag Place Ultrabounce® was suspended between the two clippers from a 90-meter crane, and one of the lighting units employed was the giant softbox, designed by key grip J. Patrick Daily and gaffer Jim Tynes.

To facilitate ILM’s creation of a CG view from the docks (bottom photo, left), the crew positioned a 90′ x 340′ blue screen manufactured by The Rag Place and draped over the wall behind the ships.

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