Our Black Knockout© fabric is opaque and “knock out” all backlight. This fabric is great for outdoor applications, is durable, lightweight, and can get wet without damaging the fabric! Duvetyne, move over! Available by the yard at 60” (1.52m.) as a raw fabric, or made to order finished rag in any size for sale, or for rental from a huge variety of stock and custom sizes.
(For stocked rental sizes please refer to size chart)

Standard Size Chart

6’x 6’ (1.82m x 1.82m)
8’x 8’ (2.43m x 2.43m)
12’x 12’ (3.65m x 3.65m)
12’x 20’ (3.65m x 6.09m)
20’x 20’ (6.09m x 6.09m)
20’ X 30’ (6.09 x 9.14m)

Any size available upon request

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