SpiderMount 220


Product Features

Actively monitored rigging system that provides automatic pressure and power control

Accepts payloads of up to 220lbs

Installs in under 1 minute

Vacuum pump system can be connected to 11V to 30V DC, including directly from car (12V), any standard V-Mount Battery, or D-TAP

Designed with industry standard rigging points, including 1/4”, 3/8”, M8, and 16mm, allowing for direct attachment of cameras, lights, speedrail, and more

The iDEA VISION SpiderMount 220™ is a lightweight, ultra-flexible, active vacuum cup mounting system that delivers a multitude of rigging possibilities with ultimate functionality. The SpiderMount 220™ system is ideal for mounting cameras, gimbals, and lights, or as a foundation for more complex rigs. The SpiderMount 220™’s unique joint design allows it to wrap edges and corners and can be mounted on all smooth surfaces, including windows, cars, walls, and more.